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AerospaceMulti-channel high-resolution data acquisition systems require design resources, consume valuable PCB real-estate, and are challenging for test and rework - each straining limited budgets.
We encourage you to consider that our fully functional, fully tested, multi-channel Data Acquisition products can provide the small package, low-cost solution that your high resolution data acquisition or imaging application requires.

Our standard products, or as a custom:

Our chip-wire and SMT processes allow us to miniaturize complex systems into a fully tested single package solutions.


DATEL, Inc. is a leading supplier of High Precision Data Acquisition Components and DC to DC converters. Our leadership status in high-performance data acquisition components is unchallenged, driven in large part by our engineering expertise to develop solutions with outstanding electrical performance, small packaging, low power consumption and ease of use. These products employ five basic technologies: monolithic IC, thin-film hybrid, thick-film hybrid, SMT technologies and discrete component circuit. DATEL's DC DC converter product line includes non-isolated point-of-loads dc/dc, switching regulators as well as a complete line of industry standard brick packages (Sixteenth-Brick, Eighth-Brick, Quarter-Brick, Half-Brick and Full-Brick) and railway dc-dc converters.