New Series of Low-Cost, Adjustable, Voltage-Input Digital Process Meters

The PM-35LC-ADV is a new series of adjustable, voltage-input Digital Process Meter from DATEL. This series operates from industry standard 24Vdc (@40mA, max.) and includes a snap-in bezel that allows for quick setup and installation. It is a low cost alternative and an ideal replacement for many OEM panel meters found in industrial applications.

  • February 12, 2018
    • Low-cost replacement for OEM process DPMsDATEL's New PM-35LC-ADV Series of LCD Display Digital Panel Meters
    • High contrast green LCD display
    • 3½ Digit, 0.45" (11.4mm) display
    • Three input ranges: 0 - ±200mV; 0 - ±5V; and 0 - ±10V
    • 25-Turn gain, span, and offset potentiometers
    • Differential readings adjustable from 10 to 1999
    • Miniature 2.5 x 1.1 inch package (64 x 28mm)
    • Screw-terminals for power and input connections
    • Easy snap-in bezel simplifies panel mounting
    • Operates from single 24Vdc regulated power
    • Standard °C; °F; PSI; or % annunciators
    • Optional annunciators for Volts; Amps; kW; or PF
    • User selectable decimal points and engineering units

      DATEL's New PM-35LC-ADV Series of LCD Display Digital Panel Meters
      Request Information : DATEL's New PM-35LC-ADV Series of LCD Display Digital Panel Meters
      Request Information : DATEL's New PM-35LC-ADV Series of LCD Display Digital Panel Meters

DATEL, Inc. has announced the introduction of the PM-35LC-ADV series, a new line of Digital Panel Meters with four user-selectable annunciators for displaying Volts ("V"); Amps ("A"); kilowatts ("kW"); or Power Factor ("PF"). Optional models can be configured to display degrees Celsius ("°C") or Fahrenheit ("°F"); pounds per square inch ("PSI"); or percent ("%"). Each unit features PC-board style jumpers that simplify user selection of input signal range, decimal point position and engineering unit annunciators. This series is specified to operate over the temperature range of 0 to +50°C.

Samples for all models of this new series are available upon request.

In addition to our standard product offerings, DATEL has the solution to your Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) component problems. DATEL is frequently approached by our customers to help them resolve obsolescence, End-of-Life (EOL) and/or reduced access to qualified legacy products. DATEL has the design knowledge and manufacturing capability/experience/expertise to provide alternative solutions to on-going and mature defense and aerospace programs which suffer from Diminishing Supplier-Base issues.

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