Custom Solutions

A supplier of radar systems was hit with an EOL notice from their supplier of A/D converters and were in urgent need of a drop-in replacement. Our design was a form and fit solution that improved the overall accuracy of their system. While an equivalent part was the only requirement, the Datel A/D product was a functional upgrade.

Medical & Digital Imaging Medical Imaging
A leading manufacturer of FDA approved medical imaging systems was using a high-resolution A/D. It was discovered that certain conditions could produce an impurity in the image. The Datel engineering team diagnosed the condition and implemented a design modification that eliminated the impurity, enabling production to continue, without requiring time-consuming FDA re-approval. We are now the preferred supplier of single, dual and quad channel data converter products and the first point of contact on all new designs.

Aerospace Aerospace
Housed in a hermetically sealed, low weight package, we designed a multi-channel high-resolution, fully tested DAS with a precise input range and timing requirements for manufacturer of aircraft engines and space propulsion systems.

CCD Image Processing CCD Image Processing
How to integrate a correlated double sampling circuit (CDS) and a very low noise, high resolution A/D in a small package. This was the requirement of a manufacturer of high-end, scientific Digital CCD Cameras. Our low-cost, low-power, integrated solution is fully tested over temperature and includes the features of a user-configurable input stage and selectable bandwidth for lower noise performance.

Security & Defense Security & Defense
A security and defense systems supplier found that the clock required for a precision D/A converter was adversely affecting the RF circuit. Our pin-to-pin solution did not require a clock signal, eliminating the interference problem, and requiring no changes to the printed circuit board.

Radar Radar
A commercial radar system manufacturer required a solution not yet available on the market: a high-slew rate input stage, low noise sampling A/D with no clock latency delays. Our custom solution is still used in their multi-tracking high-precision radar system.