Export Control Compliance

It is our policy to fully comply with all regulations governing the export of our products, services and technical data. Each employee is dedicated to ensure compliance to this policy, and to achieve that objective, all goods shipped across national borders are handled in accordance with the applicable laws of the exporting and importing countries.

Neither sales nor shipments will be made to any individual or firm appearing in the Denied Parties Lists or to any firms owned by or associated with the individuals of firms therein listed. Also, no shipments are to be made to any country subject to economic or trade sanctions imposed by the U.S. unless otherwise authorized by U.S. law. The export or re-export of DATEL products, or transfer of these technologies, is subject to the export laws and regulations of the United States.

The scope of the U.S. export laws and regulations primarily includes:

  • The export of U.S. products or technology from the United States
  • The movement of U.S. products or technology outside of the United States
  • The movement of non-U.S. products or technology that have U.S. content

In addition, regulations are in effect that place emphasis on the end-use and/or end-user of exported items. As a result, we screen our customer applications and transactions.

In particular, no transaction can be made when dealing with individuals, companies and countries involved with the proliferation of nuclear missile and chemical/biological related processes and/or weapons without a license from the Department of Commerce.