ADS-1201 : Analog-to-Digital Converter for High Temperature Applications

  • ADS-1201 : Analog-to-Digital Converter for High Temperature ApplicationsMay 1, 2013
    • 12-bit resolution
    • 1MHz sampling rate
    • Extended temperature range -55C to 200C
    • 28-pin DDIP or SMT package
    • No missing codes

      Data Sheet : 12-bit, 1MHz Analog to Digital Converter : ADS-1201

      Request Information : 12-bit, 1MHz Analog to Digital Converter : ADS-1201
      Request Information : 12-bit, 1MHz Analog to Digital Converter : ADS-1201

DATEL today announced the introduction of a new line of data acquisition products that are guaranteed at -55C to 200C. The reliable ADS-1201 series is a 12-bit, 1MHz analog to digital converter housed in a small 28-pin DDIP or SMT hermetically sealed ceramic package. Each unit is 100 percent tested for performance in the -55C to 200C temperature range to assure compliance with all published specifications. In addition, the ADS-1201 has no latency delays, which enables it to be used in multiplexed analog input applications. Other key benefits include unipolar and bipolar input range, guaranteed 1,000-hour continuous operating life at 200C, and precision internal reference to provide guaranteed tight static specifications.

The advanced technology behind the dependable new converter line is responsible for its superior performance at extreme high temperatures. Specifically, the ADS-1201 series is fabricated on thick film ceramic, with low temperature drift thin film resistors on 96 percent alumina substrate and 250C rated passive components. All of the ultrasonic and thermo-sonically wire bonded high temperature ICs are qualified and characterized to meet the demanding -55 to +200C operating temperature. The ADS-1201 series was developed and is manufactured using processes that originate with DATEL's MIL-PRF-38534 standards and controls in a certified Class H facility in Massachusetts. There are fewer than 40 Class H facilities in the world, making DATELs capabilities all the more competitive.

"DATELs reliable and rugged converters are a product of tireless research and mark the start of our expanding high-temperature product line," said Tony Khazen, Director of the DATEL Business Unit. "With DATELs technical expertise and commitment to quality, customers can expect additional products designed for harsh environment markets."

The rugged ADS-1201 series is available in two options, the 28-pin DIP package (ADS-1201MHT) and the 28-pin SMT package (ADS-1201GHT). Additional models are in development.

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