DATEL Custom and Special Capabilities

For 45 years, DATEL has been recognized worldwide for its Engineering Excellence, High Quality Products and Outstanding Customer Service, producing both standard and custom products for the most demanding applications in the Military, Aerospace, Airborne, and Medical markets.

  • October 20, 2016
    • Extended temperature -55 to +200°C DATEL Custom and Special Capabilities
    • Custom Products
    • Special Products
    • High Density multi-layer circuit on AL2O or BeO Ceramic
    • Pin-to-pin replacement devices for discontinued products
    • Available for low-volume and high-volume applications
    • Products are guaranteed to be available for long term programs
    • Non-RoHS or RoHS equivalent device
    • Special Packaging, ceramic, plastic and glass-to-metal seal
    • Hermetic seal packaging, CLCC, DIP, Gull Wing, TO, etc.
    • Custom Screening, testing or temperature ranges
    • Special pin-out or footprint
    • Custom High Temperature (-550C Up to +2200C) products
    • MIL-PRF-38534 Certified facility
    • Class 8 Clean Room assembly and test

      Brochure : DATEL Custom and Special Capabilities

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DATEL, Inc. is launching a new capability brochure which reflects the latest DATEL Innovation, Processes, Testing, and Quality to satisfy the demands and requirements of our customers.

Sole sourced? Are you in need for a custom product, new supplier, replacement for an obsolete product or special screening? We welcome these opportunities. Please submit details of your requirements.

In addition to these capabilities, DATEL is a leader in providing System in a Package Solutions (SIP) for all special applications and Pin-to-Pin replacements for any existing or discontinued component.

At DATEL, we recognize that our success is linked with the success of our customers. Our best advertisement is a satisfied customer.

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About DATEL (

DATEL is an employee owned US-based company that is dedicated to the military and aerospace market solutions. For several decades DATEL has worked closely with defense and Hi-Rel companies to provide fully qualified and MIL Certified 883 components that meet customers' specific and stringent application requirements.

DATEL data acquisition products are designed and manufactured in an 180,000 square-foot, MIL-PRF-38534 hybrid certified fabrication facility located in Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA. The data acquisition product offering has grown to become one of the industry's broadest, designed to meet the ever-changing requirements of military, HI-REL, medical, scientific and industrial applications. DATEL are ISO-9001 certified, and ITAR registered.

DATEL, Inc. is a leading supplier of High Precision Data Acquisition Components and DC to DC converters. Our leadership status in high-performance data acquisition components is unchallenged, driven in large part by our engineering expertise to develop solutions with outstanding electrical performance, small packaging, low power consumption and ease of use. These products employ five basic technologies: monolithic IC, thin-film hybrid, thick-film hybrid, SMT technologies and discrete component circuit. DATEL's DC DC converter product line includes non-isolated point-of-loads dc/dc, switching regulators as well as a complete line of industry standard brick packages (Sixteenth-Brick, Eighth-Brick, Quarter-Brick, Half-Brick and Full-Brick) and railway dc-dc converters.